Nopita          :  “ Hay.. Anik? ”

Anik             :  “ Hay, how are you? ”

Nopita          :  “I’m fine thank you, and you?”

Anik             :  “ I’m very well thank you ”

Nopita          :  “ Ehm, Anik I will tell you something..! ”

Anik             :  “ What about Nop? ”

Nopita          :  “ I’m get invite from Ana, to dinner in her house tomorrow night.. ”

Anik             :  “ So.. ? what happened!? Isn’t…. Ana is your friendship…? Why you

You look confused? ”

Nopita          :  “ Yes, cause tomorrow night, I can’t came, because I must go with my

family. Do you have any advice for me? ”

Anik             :  “ Why don’t you try calling her tonight? ”

Nopita          :  “ Her handphone very busy and I can’t her connect”

Anik             :  “I think better you explain with Ana, if you can’t dinner in her house.

cause you must go with your family”

Nopita          :  “ Oh… that good idea, thank you Anik…”

Anik             :  “ your welcome, Nopita… you know announcement about our school’s

will create a platform drama? ”

Nopita          :  “ Really..? ”

Anik             :  “ Yes I’m really, are you come in platform? ”

Nopita          :  “ Yes, sure.. cause I love it.. ”

Anik             :  “ Ok.. I must go cause I wait my friend’s go home.. ”

Nopita          :  “ Ok, be careful ”

By        : Wahyu Nopita

Class    : XI IPA 1

No.       : 37


To      : Johan

            At Jl. Ahmad Yani blok A No. 3

From  : Andine

27- March – 20011

Dear Johan

Hi Johan, I’m Andine. How are you? I’m in here fine and I hope you too. I wish give you know something. Since I see you I feel different…. You are good boy and you make me happy everyday, you so funny and you can console me. I think you always make my life beautiful and significant .

Ok  Johan, I wait for your replay, and I hope you feel too.. and see you letter.

Your Fans



By        : Wahyu Nopita ( 37 )

               and Anik P.A   ( 2 )

Class    : XI IPA 1


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